7 Reasons You'll Want These $550,000 iPod Speakers

jarre ipod dockMy iPad is probably one of the best birthday presents I've ever gotten. It was totally unexpected and has made everything from commuting to the city to cooking in the kitchen an absolute breeze! But there's one problem with it -- it's too big for my iHome speaker system and I can't seem to find anything that fits it. Darn you, generous boyfriend for making me have this horrible problem! 

Lucky for me it seems that Jarre Technologies has solved my predicament with their 11-foot docking speaker called the AreoDreamOne. Retailing for a measly $550,000, the speaker fits both iPads and iPods, and is definitely the perfect purchase for me!

I know, an 11-foot docking speaker may sound unnecessary. But you, my friends, are seriously mistaken. Really, there are WAY too many pros not to make the mortgage-on-a-house-like investment. Starting with reason No. 1: how cool it looks!


1. This looks like the speaker system of the future. Kind of like R2-D2, no? The idea of this structure standing as the centerpiece in my living room makes me feel so hip and chic.

2. I've been wanting a heat lamp for my house. This one at least looks like one! Double whammy!

3. Since it weighs 870 pounds, this will be the perfect reason to throw that dinner party I've been talking about for months. I'll cook, and my 45 closest friends can help move in the new goods.

4. The AreoDreamOne comes with an 11-foot ladder. Can you say multipurpose? It will be perfect for when I need to dust the tops of my windows! And to think: How did we ever set up our family Christmas tree without it?

5. I've been racking my brain trying to think of a way to get rid of the extra $550,000 in my bank account. It's really been burning a hole in my pocket.  

6. Since there's a six-month waiting list for the speaker, it's clearly in high demand. You know who buys things that are in high demand? Celebrities. Justin Timberlake and I could own the same thing! Squuuuuueee!

7. Two words: party central. This speaker system is going to draw some huge crowds, even after my dinner party is over. With 10,000 watts of power, we'll be dancing the night away!

OK, I'll be serious now. This docking speaker may be definitely is THE most ridiculous item ever invented. Why there would be a six-month waiting list for such a product is beyond me. But hey, at least it's a conversation piece, right?

What do you think about the 11-foot iPod docking speaker?

Image via Jarre Technologies

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