Justin Bieber Adds Basketball to His World Domination Master Plan

Justin BieberI'm starting to feel really bad for America's professional basketball players. They've got that whole NBA lockout thing going on. And every time you turn around, Justin Bieber is stealing their thunder. Go ahead. Google the LudaDay Weekend Charity Basketball Game thrown by rapper Ludacris to raise money for his Ludacris Foundation to help kids. Any guesses who grabbed all the glory?


Thanks to Ludacris -- and their big hearts -- the charity hoops tournament drew the likes of the New York Knicks' Carmelo Anthony, Oklahoma City Thunder's Kevin Durant, and New Orleans Hornet's Chris Paul to Atlanta's Morehouse College's Forbes Arena. The efforts helped Ludacris' foundation and Bieber's, and Air Jordan and Disturbing Tha Peace Records donated $10,000 to Morehouse College itself. But here's just a taste of what the Internet thinks you should know about the games:

  • Justin Bieber’s So Hot Shooting Hoops As Selena Gomez Cheers Him On!
  • Video: Hot Sauce Breaks Bieber's Ankles
  • Team Bieber Scores Victory Over Team Luda at LudaDay Basketball Game

See what I mean? Durant was in the running for the NBA MVP Award this year (he lost to Derrick Rose), but he gets nary a mention. Nothing about 'Melo. Not even all those charities. Adding insult to injury, Bieber's girlfriend, who wasn't even playing, gets more press than the pros. I hate to rub it in to these guys, but it bears noting that the 17-year-old is listed at IMDb at just 5'5". Ouch.

This isn't the first time the "Baby" singer has made the giant guys of the game seem like ants on the hardwood. Earlier this year Bieber was voted MVP himself at the NBA's All-Star Celebrity Game, although that may have had a bit more to do with his rabid fans voting like mad for their purple hoodie wearing hero.

On the bright side, it could be worse for these guys. As one of those headlines hints, And 1 Live Streetballer Hot Sauce did do a little damage to the Biebs on the court -- hold your screams teenyboppers, his ankles are fine -- with some wicked moves. He may get all the hoopla for playing hoops in a charity game, but he's not on the shortlist for a call when the lockout closes. YouTube performances might have gotten him a recording deal, but these basketball clips aren't going to get him in the NBA ... hopefully.

Is there anything this little pipsqueak can't dominate?


Image via Daniel Ogren/Flickr

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