Google Employee Comes Up With Cutest, Geekiest Marriage Proposal

proposalHere's one of the cutest, geekiest marriage proposals you'll ever hear about. So, Google software engineer Ari Gilder devised the “ultimate romantic scavenger hunt” for his girlfriend, Faigy, to ask for her hand in marriage. Before he popped the big question, he had Faigy take a whirlwind tour of the city they reside in, New York, having her hit up areas and venues that were important in their relationship along the way. Aw, right?

So, what's the geeky part? Well, Ari created his entire "treasure map" through, you guessed it, Google Maps. He had Faigy navigate her way around the city via her Nexus One phone, while having her "check in" at each location. Double aw!


Ari wrote on Google's blog, "I used My Maps to plan out the route -- from the Trader Joe’s we shop at on the Upper West Side, to Magnolia Bakery where we spent part of our first date, to Hudson Bar & Lounge where we enjoyed a night of dancing, all the way to the lighthouse on Roosevelt Island where we went on our second date."

At each of the six locations the couple went to, a friend handed Faigy a red rose, took a photo of her, and reminded her to use Google Maps to check in to the venue. When Faigy checked in to a location, a custom app Gilder and fellow Google engineers built asked Faigy to enter a password based on the questions her friends asked.

Then, when Faigy entered the password, the app would automatically initiate walking navigation to the next pit stop. When she got to the last destination, she was given her seventh and final rose, and Ari asked her to marry him.

I've heard of some creative proposals in my day, but I've gotta say, this is something else. The dude built a custom app for the occasion. I have no idea how long something like that would take, but it seems really confusing and time-consuming.

So, yay to Ari and Faigy. And yay for creative proposals and smart people. May you both enjoy a lifetime of geeky, techie love!

How adorable is this?


Image via Big C Harvey/Flickr

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