NBA Players Take On Dance Challenge & Lose Big Time (VIDEO)

chris bosh dwayne wade dance offYou know what there's not enough of these days? Dance-offs. I mean, after Justin Timberlake went toe-to-toe with Britney Spears in a Los Angeles night club a few years ago, each busting out their Wade Robson Project-esque moves to defeat the other, I thought dance-offs were going to become a thing. What happened? Why have people become so vehemently against settling arguments through the art of dance?

Oh, wait. Wouldja lookee here. There was just one a few weeks ago. With ... basketball players Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and Carmelo Anthony ...?

Weird, but ... works for me. I guess.


The trio was in China, doing what basketball players do in China (making bank), when a few of the locals challenged them to a freakin' dance-off. Brilliant, right? Especially since they schooled them. The locals, that is. Dwayne, Chris, and Carmelo really are pretty terrible dancers.

The challengers busted out all sorts of crazy break-dance moves, spinning around on the floor and whatnot, and all the b-ball players did was show off a couple of dribbling tricks, and a stop, drop, and roll. Just ... watch.

Compared to the real dancers -- and probably you and me -- they suck, right? I mean, what kind of crap was that? Surely they have more coordination than that, being professional athletes.

Whatevs, though, both parties totally look like they're having a good time, and it satisfied my years-long craving for a good old-fashioned D.O. Sort of.

Have you ever taken part in a dance-off?


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