College Dumbs Itself Down With Groupon Tuition Deal

college t-shirtThis is going to make me sound like I'm 140 years old, but whenever I hear what the cost of college tuition is these days, I can't help but think, "Holly balls, how does anybody afford that crap?" But even with the astronomical, mind-boggling, you've-seriously-got-to-be-kidding-me fees, I'm still vehemently against schools offering discounts on freakin' Groupon.

The deal comes from Chicago-based institution National Louis University and their graduate teaching program. The discount is 60 percent off tuition of an entry-level graduate teaching course. It will slash the price of the three-credit introductory course from $2,232 to $950. The purpose behind this bizarro deal is to bolster interest in the relatively unknown teaching program.



Oh, what, just because I think trying to invoke interest in becoming educators in America's youth is lame, I'm the bad guy? Well, perhaps when I phrase it like that, I am, but hear me out.

By posting a discount on Groupon -- the same site that offers discounts on laser hair removal and all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue -- National Louis University is A) cheapening themselves, and B) saying that education is something to be bought (which we all know it is, but still).

No "respectable" college -- no matter how big or small, fancy or non-fancy -- would offer a deal on tuition on Groupon. They're basically saying that they really don't care who participates in the program, they just want the money. Which, conveniently, brings me to my next point -- they're saying that they can be bought.

Yes, it's common unsaid knowledge that this is the case with universities. Everybody knows someone who went to Harvard or Yale, but who can barely cross the street on their own. The reason for their fancy degree? Cash. But the thing is, Harvard and Yale aren't out advertising on the Internet for the world to see that this is the case. They want to at least keep up the illusion that their institution is based on merit. (Which it should be. 'Nother post.)

If someone who's not exactly rollin' in it wants to go to college or grad school, there are plenty of ways to get discounts. Scholarships and financial aid are a few that come to mind. Going through Groupon is not something that one should resort to, though. Save that for hair removal and the best dang beef teriyaki you've ever tasted.

Would you buy this Groupon deal?


Image via Adam L'Iconoclast Banal/Flickr

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