These Electronic Fairies Teach Your Kids to Match Colors

Robotic toymaker WowWee has branched out a bit with the creation of Lite Sprites, little dolls that teach kids how to match and find colors while they play.

The Lite Sprites are fairies with a mission: to gather color from the world around them. Each sprite -- shaped more like the ghosts in Pac-Man than any fairy you've ever seen -- contains a super-bright, multi-color LED. The Lite Wand gathers colors using a very simple scanning system: You press the wand down on a color and the LEDs on the side and top change to match the scanned item. You can scan almost anything, including floors, walls, clothing, and paper. The colors aren't completely accurate all the time, but they're close enough.


You can then transfer these colors wirelessly to other sprites and various playsets, including the magical Tree of Lite. You can also play little games where you hunt down colors and grab them with the wand. It's all very mystical and magical.

My daughter loves playing with the dolls, and I love the technology hidden in the wand and the LED color-changing systems. It's quite unique -- one of the first "scanners" I've ever seen in a mass-market toy -- and it lets you teach color matching and naming to youngsters without resorting to flash cards. The toys are very sturdy and usable even without the electronics turned on.

Kids can also visit their sprites online. Not surprisingly, WowWee is selling things called Lite Pets as accessories for the sprites, thereby creating more moneymaking opportunities for Toys R Us.

The fairies will be available in the next month or so, and they're quite technologically advanced. Just the thing for a Gadget Dad and his little girl to frolic with on a rainy day!

How did your children learn about colors?


Image (top) via WowWee

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