iPhone 5 Prototype Lost in a Bar Is Too Crazy to Be True

iphone lost at a barThe highly anticipated iPhone 5 or 4GS (or whatever they're going to call it) must be on its way! We can easily draw this conclusion thanks to some silly schmo who lost the second iPhone prototype in a bar. Deja vu much? Yeah, the same exact thing happened last year to the iPhone 4. Kiiiiiinda makes you wonder what's going on here, right?

Does this mean Apple employees are all crazy, irresponsible drunks -- or do they suddenly morph into crazy, irresponsible drunks after months and months of sweating bullets working on the new iPhone model? Perhaps! Or ... maybe this whole "oh crap, the new iPhone got lost in a bar" thing is a total PR stunt! Yeah! Call me a conspiracy theorist, but maybe it's a huge set-up to get the press all hot and bothered about the new model in the weeks leading up to its release?


Hey, it's not that kooky a theory.

Think about it. This is a company that seems to want to keep all of their latest products "under lock and key," AKA a major secret until the last minute when they drop them with a lot of huge fanfare. Didn't know a new MacBook was coming out? Poof! Like magic, it appears on Apple.com and in stores, and people go bananas for it.

Although, insiders are usually trying to sniff out Apple's product mysteries, and I'm sure Apple is well-aware of how stalker-ish technophiles can be. For that reason, I wouldn't put it past them to script this whole "lost iPhone" scenario to bump the fervor for the new iPhone up a few notches.

Let's be honest here. Hearing that Gizmodo paid $5K for that abandoned iPhone 4 prototype before it came out probably made some people covet it even more.

Who knows ... maybe the iPhone legitimately got lost, but the fact that this happened a second time makes it all the more fishy!

Are you surprised another iPhone prototype has gone MIA?


Image via brett jordan/Flickr

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