Oscar De La Hoya Hits Rock Bottom & It's Good for Everyone

oscar de la hoya univision interviewBoxing champ and legend Oscar De La Hoya may be retired, but he's still making the news a lot these days, and it's not all "golden." The athlete, who has 10 world titles and one Olympic gold medal, opened up recently in an interview on the Spanish-language network Univision about his battle with depression and drug addiction. Although a lot of what he's admitting to makes him look like a scumbucket (multiple affairs behind his wife's back aren't exactly surprising, but are still so sleeeeazy), his candor about his struggles is actually kinda refreshing. 

I mean, really, how frequently do we see someone who is on Oscar's level come out and say, "Yeah, I totally messed up and need help!"? What's more, he also could have very easily kept mum about all of this; it's not like a lawsuit forced him to 'fess up, you know? It sounds like his impetus was merely hitting rock bottom in May and seeking help in rehab for his addiction to cocaine and booze.


He admitted to Univision why he wanted to come clean:

I am tired now of lying, of lying to the public and of lying to myself.

That rationale certainly sounds worthy of at least a pat on the back.

You gotta admit, Oscar's confessions and admissions that he's been an alcoholic since the time he was a KID -- no really, he started swigging at 9 years old! -- is pretty brave and definitely humanizes the "tough guy" icon. Furthermore, this news may even help some "tough guys" out there who would never want to admit to struggling with depression or addiction in their own personal lives.

In the end, the truth of what Oscar De La Hoya has lived through may not be pretty, but by telling it, the heavyweight's probably doing both himself and all of us a favor. 

What do you think of Oscar's admissions?

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