Die Laughing at YouTube Spoof on How to Pronounce Words (VIDEOS)

jake gyllenhaalThis isn't a post that's going to change your life. This isn't a post that's going to show you a video of a cute, little baby to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Hell, this isn't even a post that's going to teach you anything. But it is a post that just might make you pee your pants from laughing so hard.

And, honestly, isn't that the best kind?

YouTube user PronunciationManual has compiled a list of hard-to-pronounce words, like Givenchy, Aeropostale, Louboutin, bolognese, and Jake Gyllenhaal -- and shows you exactly how not to pronounce them.

Confused? You should be. There is no rhyme or reason to this hilarious madness. Check it out.


Haven't you always wondered how to pronounce Givenchy? Here I was, always saying Jee-von-she. But it's actually cha-chan-cho. Got it.

He's so tasty, but his last name is the pits -- impossible to pronounce. This clears everything up. Thanks, PronunciationManual!

Ahh, so this is how you say that store in the mall. I never went in there because I was always afraid I would buy something, then my friends would be like, "Where'd you get that shirt?" and I wouldn't know what to say. Problem solved.

No need to be self-conscious when ordering in an Italian restaurant ever again.

Okay, this one's my favorite. Who the hell knew how to pronounce L'Occitane? Psh, only French people. Not anymore ...

So, did you just waste five minutes or so of your life watching these totally pointless, totally hilar videos? Good. That's exactly what YouTube and the Internet are for. You're welcome. Here's PronunciationManual's YouTube channel if you want to waste more time. Happy Thursday!

How funny is this?


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