David Beckham's Bald Spot Won't Ruin His Career

david beckhamLos Angeles Galaxy soccer stud, hottie dad, and all-around international icon David Beckham is arguably one of the most famous and most handsome athletes in the world. But his reputation as a hottie has recently been threatened by rumors and photos that he's losing his golden locks. Wuh-oh! If a bald patch is any indication of what's to come, that signature mane Becks has worn in cornrows, ponytails, crew cuts, and even mohawks might be on its way out.

Hey, at least, he's in good company. Just look at New England Patriots star QB Tom Brady or Pittsburgh Steelers star Troy Polamalu. Both of these big shot athletes has been accused of going bald-sky recently, too! But what it boils down to for all of them is ... who the heck cares?! These guys may double as sex symbols, but that's not their main shtick. They're athletes first.


Why do we care if they're losing their hair? Shouldn't we be more focused on their athletic ability? Or if not that, then at least how they act in their personal lives? If we're gonna worry about something that's happening off the court, it might as well be an athlete's philandering or illegal activities, which actually speaks to their character. On the other hand, what does their hairdo say? Uh, nothing. (Unless you're Dennis Rodman.)

Worrying about famous athletes losing their locks is nothing short of suuuuuuper shallow.

Yeah yeah, I get it -- they're not just sports superstars, but they're also eye candy. But come on, let's be real. It's not like hair loss is going to stop them from a.) being effective on the field or b.) being sexy. Becks could go bald, and he'd still make people all over the world swoon. (Especially when he's hanging out with his brood! OMG! So cute!) So when it comes to his possible male pattern baldness, let's just let him be. I'm sure he and Posh have enough dough to get the best hair implants science has to offer anyway.

What do you think about the fascination with male athletes and celebs going bald?


Image via lagalaxy.com

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