Snooki & NASCAR Are a Match Made in Heaven

snookiHere are two things you never thought you'd see together: Snooki and NASCAR. But, guess what? They're coming together. And like other unsuspecting combos in life -- chocolate and bacon, Phil Collins and Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, JWoww and Restylane -- they actually work well together.

The Jersey Shore star has been named NASCAR's Honorary Starter at Richmond International Raceway next month. For non-NASCAR fans, that means the self-proclaimed guidette will be the girl waving the green flag at one of NASCAR's most important races of the year.

Bad idea? Good idea?

Try great idea.


Before I get into why I think this makes for a good marriage, let me explain to you how this came to be. See, the "Wonderful Pistachios" brand is sponsoring the race. For those of you who don't watch as much television as I do, Snooki is a spokesperson for Wonderful Pistachios. She has this commercial where she cracks a pistachio open with a tanning bed. It's actually really poignant. Anyway, on to why this is awesome.

Typically, NASCAR fans are perceived as people who have zero tolerance for anything other than, well, NASCAR. And country music. You wouldn't pair them with, say, a cast member of Jersey Shore. You'd pair them with someone like Blake Shelton. Or Miranda Lambert. Or Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert. This collaboration could open up the minds of both parties -- NASCAR fans and Snooki ... fans. Snooki just might bring new people to the sport who otherwise wouldn't have ever given it a second (or first) thought. And vice-versa.

Now, am I, like, some huge Snooki fan over here, pushing an agenda? Not at all. I actually think she's rather ridiculous. But I do like the idea of her at a NASCAR race. Need I remind you? Chocolate and bacon.

Do you think Snooki is a good pick for this?


Image via MTV

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