Overzealous Baseball Fan Doesn't Do Team Any Favors By Intercepting Fly Ball (VIDEO)

baseball gameSome may say I'm old school, but I'm a firm believer that when you attend a sporting event -- as a fan -- you should limit your activities to drinking, eating, and spectating. That's just me, though. Some beg to differ.

Like this Padres fan who saw nothing wrong with intercepting a fly ball meant for Arizona Diamondbacks' right-fielder Justin Upton. And then rubbing it in his face.


It was the ninth inning, one out. Padres right fielder Aaron Cunningham hit a high fly ball down the right-field line toward the seats in foul territory. Upton ran to the wall with his glove way outstretched, appearing ready to make the catch, when all of a sudden -- boom! A fan reaches out with his glove and makes the catch for himself. After a little bit of analysis it appears that the ball wasn't actually a foul. And to top it off, the fan turned his back while getting a stare-down from Upton, then whipped back around and aggressively pointed to his Padres hat. That fan's got balls. And not just the foul kind. I mean, not foul.

Dudes -- and I say dudes here, because this is so much more something a dude would do than a lady -- when you're at a professional sports game, just sit back and relax. We get it, you're awesome, and if it weren't for your bum knee in college, you totally would have been drafted. We believe you (no, we don't). But what we don't want to see -- nor does anybody else at the game, especially the players -- is you going and inserting yourself into the game in order to live out some lifelong fantasy.

It's called "America's Favorite Pastime" for a reason. It's a pastime. Not a job. Get a clue.

Check out the video for yourself.


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