Death of Facebook Deals Isn't Just Good News for Groupon

facebook deals coupon for yogaAfter just four months, Facebook Deals, the social network's answer to Groupon, is ending. Trying to save face (no pun intended), Zuck & Co. have issued a statement about the shuttering of the feature, making it seem like it was always intended to just be a test-drive. And now they say they've gathered some good info about "how to best serve local businesses." Pffft. Great. I'm so sure if this had actually made huge money for them taken off, Facebook would be singing a much different tune.

But as Vinicius Vacanti, co-founder of, a site that aggregates daily deals, said, "Facebook Deals had been an underwhelming product and experience." And its death is proof that Internet giants like Facebook, Google, and Twitter can't jump on every single social networking phenomenon on the web and have success. Thank goodness!


Because it's so incredibly annoying when they try to co-opt other sites/companies' features. In other words, it's time for Facebook to leave the little guy alone! Not that Groupon or LivingSocial is so little anymore, but that's beside the point. They made themselves industry leaders by focusing exclusively on daily deals.

Hopefully, the death of Deals proves to Facebook that they can't keep moving in such a commercially-driven direction. Remember when the site was all about FRIENDSHIPS? People who actually knew one another sharing photos and life updates through one-on-one communication? But in just the past couple of years, it has become awash in ads everywhere you click, companies from major corporations to local restaurants pleading for your attention. Vote for them! "Like" them! Follow them! Take this survey! Play this game! Uggggghhhhh! Noooo! I do not want Facebook to become a nonstop billboard-turned-TV commercial!!

Unfortunately, I doubt the commercial garbage will ever stop completely. But at least we don't have to worry about having Facebook's lame Groupon ripoff all up in our business anymore.

Are you happy to hear Facebook Deals is dead?


Image via lululemon athletica/Flickr

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