Record Busting Runner Usain Bolt Disqualification Is Insane

Usain BoltIt's always seemed like Usain Bolt had it made in the shade. The Jamaican sprinter isn't just a world record runner. His last name is Bolt for crying out loud. He was made for speed! So pardon the pun here, but the news that the defending champ was disqualified from the men's 100 meter final at the world athletics championships in Daegu, South Korea is . . . kind of INsane.


Bolt had a false start coming off the blocks that instantly got him kicked out of the race. But here's the thing: just a year and a half ago, he would have been allowed to defend his championship. Runners used to be warned if the false started, but they weren't DQ'd unless they did it a second time. It was only in 2010 that the International Association of Athletics Federations ruled one false start is one too many.

The irony is the rule change is supposed to be for people like you and me, the TV audiences who don't want to watch false start after false start. We want to get to the real fun -- the running. Which is what makes this whole thing so nutty.

If you're into watching running, you want to see the best of the best at it -- right? Guys like Usain Bolt are the whole reason people turn on the TV to see a 100 meter final. They want to see the guy who moves like a bolt of lightning, the guy who has reigned over the event for the past three years. Even if you're not a fan, and you want to see some new guy break the record, you want to see him do it against the reigning world champion. He's a world class runner, can't we treat him that way?

That's not what happened in South Korea. The rules for the viewers totally screwed the viewers! They didn't get to see a world class run at the world championships.

Do you think the rules should go back to the way they were? Or is a false start a false start, and Usain Bolt should go?


Image via akiwitz/Flickr

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