Serena Williams Is the Lady Gaga of Tennis

serena williams venus williams hamptons magazineSerena Williams' current focus might be on the U.S. Open, but she got a much-deserved time out recently when she stepped out to celebrate he cover of Hamptons Magazine she shared with her sister, Venus Williams. Of course, she made news for the outfit she wore: A skintight black catsuit getup that screams Serena. Are we surprised she "overshadowed" her sis, who wore a much more demure silk dress? Of course not!

It's funny -- it seems like one minute we're talking about her comeback to tennis and the next, it's all about the eye-popping outfit she sported on the court or on the red carpet. (Hey, I think Serena might just be the Mother Monster, aka Lady Gaga, of tennis?!) Some may think all this attention Serena gets for her sexy fashion outshines or detracts from her reputation as a serious athlete, but the opposite is actually true.


Her sense of style actually makes her a much more vibrant, fun athlete to keep tabs on, because she's giving us something to talk about both on and off the court. Fans don't just look forward to watching her play -- we wonder what she's going to wear next.

Plus, you don't have to be a total tennis freak to appreciate her. You can also gush about performance at Wimbledon, then discuss her "yeah, so what?" neon pink bodysuit or WABAM! hot pink mini-dress and cleavage. 

What's more, if how you dress sends a message about who you are, Serena's basically saying, "I'm flashy, outrageous, and worth paying attention to. Deal with it." And how bold, confident, and full-on awesome is that? Her attitude in fashion likely reflects her go-getter, take me as I am/take no prisoners 'tude in her game. She's a winner, and she knows how to rock it.

Personally, I find all of these qualities in an athlete supremely entertaining. And that's what watching sports is all about after all anyway, right? 

What do you think of Serena's sense of style? How about this black catsuit?

Image via Stephen Lovekin/Getty

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