Facebook DOES Make Your Kid Do Drugs

marijuanaHave you heard? Facebook is the new cigarettes. Or cell phones. Or other deadly thing. Yep, they're killing members of society -- especially our youth -- one member at a time.  

I kid.

Doesn't it seem like every week a new "study" or "survey" comes out, telling us how Mark Zuckerberg is slowly but surely killing the world's youth one status update at a time? Lame. Except this week's study -- that Facebook makes your kids drink and take drugs -- actually has some truth.


The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University recently came to the conclusion that Facebook use makes teens take drugs. They found that 70 percent of 12- to 17-year olds spend time social networking. And those that do are twice as likely to use marijuana, at 13 percent, compared to the seven percent of those who don't use social networking at all. Okay, wait a minute ...

Not sure if I agree with all the logistics of this study -- seems like there's a little room for error -- however, I do think that Facebook influences some of our decisions in life. Let me explain.

Have you ever been perusing your newsfeed when you see a friend of yours posted an album with pictures from her vacation? Have you ever looked at that album? And then have you ever decided that you yourself need a vacation and booked one, as well? Or how about this: You see a friend's status update saying that he or she is trying a restaurant in town you've never heard of -- and then you decide to try it for yourself? Or what about all these stupid crazes -- planking, owling, and batting? If Facebook doesn't have any influence, why are so many people doing it?  You may not realize it consciously, but Facebook has some serious pull in our lives -- and that goes for kids and drugs.

During the 70 percent of the day that kids are apparently online, don't you think they come across photos or references to other people drinking and/or doing drugs? And don't you think it makes them want to dabble a bit, too? I don't think this applies to children who otherwise would never be drinking or smoking -- I think it just makes the ones who were always going to do it, do it earlier on. Make sense?

Do you think Facebook makes kids drink and take drugs?


Image via Torben Bjorn Hansen/Flickr

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