Jim Carrey's Emma Stone Crush Is Killing His Career (VIDEOS)

jim carrey love letter to emma stoneHaving grown up on a substantial diet of Ace Ventura and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, I really love Jim Carrey. But I'm a wee bit worried about him. Although he's been all about tweeting and making silly videos and doin' his shtick on the Internet for some time ... when it comes to his latest effort, AKA the now notorious "crush" video confession to Emma Stone, I can't help but wonder if he just put a nail in the coffin of his career!

Sure, he's getting a lot of awesome attention for the now viral video, his crush has become a meme, and the "comedy routine" even crashed his website, but if THIS is the best he can do right now, I'm not so impressed. We're talking about a guy who is a majorly talented comedian and actor, yet his career -- at least at this point -- has been reduced to something any 14-year-old with Wi-Fi and a Flip cam could do in their basement. Eeek.


In other words, with all his Twitter and viral video brouhaha -- which people are both laughing and cringing at -- it seems like his Internet "career" is quickly outshining his movie one. And I'm sorry, but that's nothing to be proud of. You don't win Oscars for memes. This is a guy who could take home a golden guy someday.

But instead, he's making silly videos for other just as funny (or, dare I say, even funnier?) people to riff off of. Take Kathy Griffin's response, a hilarious declaration of love to Justin Bieber ...

Or how about this one from improv comedian Noel Wells, in which she discusses her adolescent crush on Jim? Classic!

These ladies' Jim-ish responses are just a couple of the slew that have been uploaded in the last couple of days, and yeah, there's something to be said for starting a web trend like that ... I guess. But compared to what he could and should be doing with his time and talent, it's kind of a pathetic, sort of sad joke.

Do you think Jim's Internet fame is outshining his movie career?

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