Derek Jeter Is a Better Yankee Without Minka Kelly

Derek JeterThe news that Yankees captain Derek Jeter and longtime girlfriend Minka Kelly have split seems to have shocked the world this morning. Please excuse the excited Bombers fan here, but I just don't get it. We finally have Mr. November back in the Bronx. You didn't think he could keep up with a Charlie's Angel and play baseball at the same time, did you?

It's being said that Jeter is getting too big for his britches after the hoopla over his 3,000th hit back in July. But folks, the numbers don't lie. The shortstop was hitting .260, with a .324 on-base percentage and a .324 slugging percentage in June. Today he's at .290, with a .350 on-base percentage and a .377 slugging percentage. Something happened. Something big.


I daresay our beloved captain started playing baseball again.

That's not easy to do when you're flitting around with your Hollywood squeeze. The couple's been together since 2008, during which Kelly has enjoyed a meteoric rise from bit player on Friday Night Lights to one of the Charlie's Angels. But what about Jetes? Even those of us who have pinstripes in our blood looked at his hissy over his contract last fall and wondered if our captain was finally losing his ever lovin' mind. He was batting .270 in 2010! And he wanted the world from the Yanks.

Suddenly he sees his numbers rise, and he announces a split from his girlfriend? Not surprising, folks, not at all. Jeter may have been linked to dozens of hotties over the years -- including six of Maxim's top 100 -- but there's a reason none of them stuck. It's the same reason Derek Jeter is the captain of the New York Yankees and has five World Series rings.

He cares about baseball first and foremost. Anything that gets in the way of the game has got to go.

Did you see Jeter and Kelly keeping it together?


Image via Rubenstein/Flickr

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