Women Who Prefer Facebook Over This Are Out of Their Minds

woman on her laptopOne in five women are out of their damn minds. This is out of Cosmopolitan magazine (in other words, take it as you will). Well, more specifically, it's the only obvious conclusion I could possibly reach from their new finding that nearly 20 percent of women said they'd rather than give up sex than Facebook for a week and 30 percent would rather text than have sex. HUH!? This wasn't just some measly little survey, either. Oh, no no. Cosmo polled over 2,000 respondents, and this is what they came up with! Respondents, I might note, who are following sex-obsessed Cosmo ... aka women who you could safely assume are at least interested in getting it on.

This poll also comes in the wake of another (very legit) survey from Doritos that found women prefer online gaming to sex. Sigh. Ladies, what on earth is going on here?!


Sure, Facebook's a good time. You can tinker with your profile pic 'til you look like a movie star, stalk just about anyone you want from an ex-boyfriend to an ex-BFF, check out friends' cute baby photos and pretty wedding pics, crack your friends up by sharing funny blog posts or make 'em think with poignant status updates, invite people to an event, check-in to a "Place," etc. But how in the world do ANY of these activities entertain or interest women more than sex?!

I'll tell you what this is: It's a sad, sad testament to those women's schtupping lives. If they would rather give up sex than Facebook, the sex they're getting is probably craptastic. Or their libido is. Maybe it's time for them to get the Notification to log off, back awaaaay from the laptop, and um, do a little re-prioritizing? Get back in touch with, you know, the real world, your partner, and a good old-fashioned orgasm. It seems impossible anything you could win on FarmVille or read on your News Feed would be even close to as "like"-able as that. 

What do you think about this finding? Are you one in five?


Image via Marco Gomes/Flickr

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