Apple Will Survive Without Steve Jobs

steve jobsYesterday, Steven Jobs said to Apple, "iQuit," and pandemonium ensued. A dark cloud enveloped the Northeast's sky, making way for the hurricane of the year; Apple stock nose-dived faster than Angelina Pivarnick's career, and techophiles everywhere began shaking in their New Balances at the thought of an iPhone 6 never seeing the light of day because ohmygod Steve Jobs has left the building!

I'm here to tell those technophiles to chill. Because Apple will be just fine without its turtlenecked leader.


Before we get to the tech of it all, though, let's take a moment to be human. Let's take a moment to talk about why Jobs abruptly left: His health. Although he didn't give this -- or any -- reason for his departure from Apple, it's clear that the rare form of pancreatic cancer he has is behind his decision. And I think it's the right one. Jobs has done enough for the world. He needs to spend time with his family and take care of himself.

Okay, there really is no eloquent way of segueing into why Apple will be okay without him, so let's just get to it.

The person who took Jobs' place is Tim Cook, the former COO of Apple. Cook has been running the day-to-day operations of Apple since 2007, and he served as the temporary CEO in 2004 and 2009, when Jobs was undergoing treatment for his cancer and when he had a liver transplant, respectively. He's also effectively been CEO again this year, since Jobs took medical leave in January. In other words, he knows what he's doing. And so does everyone else at Apple, for that matter. Of course, Jobs was an extremely integral part of the Apple team and the products they create, but the truth is, they've got an entire army of braniacs over there who will make the transition smooth.

Jobs also won't be totally absent from the company either. In his resignation letter, he mentioned that he will still be "contributing to [Apple's] success." And he's built a company that runs like a well-oiled machine, with executives who will ensure the products are as beautiful and impressive as ever.

So, see? No need to fret, technophiles, your beloved gadgets will be just fine. Now send some good vibes out to Steve.

Do you think Apple will be fine without Steve Jobs?

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