Humiliating Facebook Photos Are Even Worse When You're Sober

Remember the good old days when you could get drunk and act like an ass without having the photographic evidence instantly posted to Facebook for all the world to see? Ahh, memories ... which are actually pretty fuzzy, now that I think about it.

According to a recent study, nearly half of 18- to 24-year-olds have performed the modern-day Walk of Shame -- you know, when you untag those embarrassing Facebook photos of your drunk self falling off the stage while singing "Pour Some Sugar on Me." But even though they know about the humiliation of a documented booze-fest firsthand, 41 percent of this same group admits they've also been responsible for uploading photos of their inebriated friends.

Thank God digital cameras and social media didn't exist 15 years ago, because ... well, ahem, let's just leave it at that. But as bad as a drunk photo might be, isn't your everyday unflattering image even worse?


I mean, okay, this sort of thing is clearly a bad idea:

Yayyyyy I'm suuuuuper wasted and pretending to have sex on a car whoooooo oh shit I hope no one googles this when I'm job hunting.

But this photo -- which is of yours truly and is totally on Facebook -- is maybe even more embarrassing, because 1) I can't use alcohol as an excuse for deciding to strike this pose, and 2) what the HELL, self?


In fact, I think a hideous sober photo floating around on the web is more cringe-worthy than a sloppy drunk image, because at least when 17 mango Cosmopolitans are involved, you've got something to blame. Without the booze, a shot like this should never make it to the Internet:

It's the attack of Severed Head Guy, Chin N' Nostrils McGee, and CrazyEyes Lady!

Or this, which is either deliberately cruel, or a truly unholy combination of bad timing:

Not that bad timing explains the Business in the Front, Party in the Back action.

Also ... uhhhh:


The good news is that now you can choose whether or not to approve Facebook photo tags before they show up in your profile. That doesn't erase the existence of the photo in question, of course, but at least you can hide your toilet-sitting self from your boss, who -- I'm just going out on a limb here -- probably won't "Like" it.

What do you think is worse, an embarrassing drunk photo or an embarrassing sober one? Have you ever had to un-tag a bad Facebook picture of yourself?

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