Kate Middleton Now Plays for the NBA

Kris Humphries

The family of the new Mr. Kim Kardashian -- aka Kris Humphries -- apparently looked "appalled" at their son's wedding this weekend. The wedding was more like a film production than nuptials, and guests were practically blinded by all the rhinestones. Kim was going around telling her guests, "This is our version of the royal wedding."

Nothing against Kim, but that statement makes me want to throw up a little. Did she even watch the real royal wedding? Does she even know who Kate Middleton is? Does she realize that comparing her wedding to Kate's in any way (besides the paparazzi factor) is like comparing apples to very expensive organic artisanal hand-reared baby oranges. From England?

But the comparisons are not stopping there. There's been another recent Kardashian/Kate comparison and it's just outrageous.


Humphries' NBA buddies have taken to calling him "Kate Middleton." And it's not because they are both tall and skinny, either. Notice they are comparing him to Kate and not Wills, because, well, the insult has that much more effect when it's emasculating as well as ironic.

I'm sure Humphries just let it roll off his back. He seems so easygoing (he's gotta be). It's Kim who's probably pissed as hell about the comparison, because SHE was the one who was going around comparing her wedding to Kate's. Mark my words, Kim is not going to let this one die. It's only a matter of time before Kim is snapped wearing conservative suits and funny hats and talking with a funny accent like Madonna. You'll see.


Image via Julian Finney/Getty

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