September 11 Memorial App Isn't Available to Everyone

9/11 memorial appWant to never forget September 11? Not surprisingly, there's an app for that.

The 9/11 Memorial: Past, Present, and Future is a new app that contains hours of video clips and 400 still photographs from the 2001 catastrophe, compiled by writer-director Steve Rosenbaum. It showcases everything from when the World Trade Center was first being built to the terrorist attacks and what's happening there now, and will be free between September 1 and September 12.

Personally, I think the opportunity to page through documents and video commemorating one of the most tragic events in our nation's history is an excellent idea. Some of the photos leave me absolutely breathless. However, there's just one catch: The app will be available exclusively on the iPad.


Rosenbaum could very well have designed it so it launches on other devices, but instead he chose the iPad because of its quality. He says he wanted the owners of the 9/11 memorial app to enjoy "more of an immersive experience." As the owner of an iPad myself, I understand, as I'm constantly in awe of how fantastic the tablet is.

Think of it this way: There are loads of apps that are specifically designed and made exclusive for the iPad. Just like there are loads of things specific to the HP TouchPad or Amazon Kindle. There are also loads of commemorative books and videos made in honor of September 11. Just because this one app isn't available for all platforms doesn't mean we still can't honor the fallen.

If Rosenbaum chooses to distribute his hard work this way, that's his right. Would you criticize an artist for opting for pastels over oil paints or canvas over plain paper? This isn't an attempt to snub non-iPad owners, but a way to get out one person's commemoration using what he considers to be the best technology available.

What's most important here is that efforts like Rosenbaum's continue, and we never forget what happened that day. This app is bound to help.

Is it wrong that the 9/11 app is only available on the iPad?

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