WNBA Player Assaults Boyfriend & Shows She's One of the Guys

basketballI like to think that female athletes are the fairer sex in the sports world, but it turns out they're not. In fact, no one is fair in sports. They're all a bunch of animals.

L.A. Sparks rookie, Jantel Lavender (the #5 overall pick in the 2011 WNBA Draft), allegedly kneed her ex-boyfriend in the crotch so hard that his nether-regions were "throbbing from the pain." He's since filed a restraining order against the basketball star and has been "in hiding" ever since the incident happened on July 5, where, you should know, Lavender also supposedly picked up a knife and threatened to kill him.

This officially proves my theory true: Never trust a person with the last name Lavender.


I kid. Sort of. I once knew a girl with the last name Pink. Total bitch. But unrelated.

The real thing that bothers me about this whole mess is that -- unfortunately -- this is the kind of behavior we've all sort of come to expect from male athletes. Violence, immaturity, a short temper. And usually, we excuse it. (Michael Vick, Kobe Bryant, Barry Bonds, I'm looking at you.) It would be a really sad thing if female athletes started taking a similar path.

We -- I, at least -- look to women who play professional sports as role models. Not just because they're really good at what they do (the reason we look up to men who play professional sports), but because they're breaking a mold and redefining what it's like to be a woman. Take Serena Williams and Hope Solo, for instance -- bad asses.

If these ladies start taking the route that so many of their male predecessors have taken, well, they just won't be nearly as interesting or half as role model-y. They'll actually be kind of a joke.

I'm not saying one WNBA player getting violent is going to be the cause for the downfall of female athletes in general. But it's certainly not a step in the right direction.

What do you think about Lavender's behavior?


Image via BotheredByBees/Flickr

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