Earthquake Turns Big Bad NFL Star Into Widdle Baby (VIDEO)

Torrey SmithIf you have a dog, you've probably felt what the earthquake did in my neck of the woods. I seriously thought my 70-something-pound mutt was leaning on my table while she scratched her ears, so I never even flinched. Apparently I'm better prepared for the apocalypse than the big, bad, beefy dudes in the NFL. All it took was a widdle bit of shaking at the Baltimore Ravens training complex, and Torrey Smith was off like a shot.


OK, so, the Ravens were a wee bit closer to the epicenter in Mineral, Virginia, than I was in my upstate New York home, and engineers are currently going over M&T Bank Stadium just to check on its structural integrity. But media reports indicate that's just to be "on the safe side." Aside from some cubicles shaking in the press room, it seems nothing much happened in the Ravens camp, some 129 miles away from where they really felt the 5.8 magnitude tremors.

But you wouldn't know to look at video of Smith captured just as the ground shook. The wide receiver was talking about his pride in Maryland (he attended the university on a scholarship before being drafted to the NFL), when all of a sudden, he was gone, startled like a toddler caught climbing the kitchen cabinets at 1 a.m., looking for some cookies:

Teehee. I'd hate to see what he does when some big, scary defensive linemen run straight at him in the middle of the game. Get enough of those big guys headed in your direction, and the earth's got to shake, right?

Smith joked on Twitter that his motto is to "run first, ask ?s later" along with a link to the video. He may not be the bravest guy in the game, but at least he's got a sense of humor. He seems like a nice guy to hang out with. I wonder if he likes dogs?

Did you feel the earthquake? Were you scared?


Image via YouTube

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