New App Is the Secret to Awesome Customer Service

we&co appI gotta congratulate the folks at We&Co, a brand new app that will hopefully soon take the social media-obsessed by storm. They might just have cracked the code to making people act a little less selfish and a little more gracious. The new app works kind of like Foursquare, where you can look up a favorite local business (your neighborhood Starbucks, your town salon, or what have you), but then instead of "checking in," you give your fave service professional a much-deserved shout-out, thumbs-up, "like," or whatever you want to call it ... We&Co calls it a simple "Thank." 

I just downloaded it today, and I can already tell this is an app I'll be using a LOT.


See, I'm the kind of person who FLIPS about good service. If a restaurant meets or surpasses my expectations, I'm on Yelp ASAP, telling other people to dine there. Since my awesome hairstylist has been doing my cuts and color, I've referred at least 10 people to her. (She's actually the first employee I've "thanked" on We&Co!) If I found a barista I really loved who remembered and spot-on crafted my usual venti soy iced coffee or cappuccino, I would love to gush about him or her. (Just haven't found that yet -- sniff.) I obviously love to tell anyone who will listen what amazing handy-man work my boyfriend does. So, I guess you could say I'm a raver.

Hence why this app is totally up my alley. But I also love it because it promotes thankfulness. Instead of recognizing places (which are, of course, totally devoid of emotion), you can use this app to make someone's day or even their year! Employees might be able to start using their "thanks" as leverage for raises! Who knows? The possibilities are endless. But there's definitely more good than bad that can come from gratitude. It's win-win for We&Co thankers too, because employees who get "thanked" via We&Co will probably be even more motivated to provide amazing service to their loyal customers. I know it's only just launched, but can you tell -- I'm ready to rave that We&Co rocks for sharing the love!

Would you use We&Co?

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