World's Worst Tipper List Includes Rich, Famous Athletes

tiger woods lebron jamesI'm going to be totally forthcoming here: I don't like tipping. I'm awful, I know. Coincidentally, I think this is also part of the reason I feel so at home in Europe. It's just, I feel like every g.d. place I go, I have to tip someone. Plopped a plate of salad in front of me? Here's a tip. Served me a solitary can of Budweiser? Here's a tip. Cut my hair? Here's a tip. Drove me to the airport? Here's a freaking tip!

But I still do it. And sort of well, I might add. Not because I find myself encountering stellar service every place I go, because I feel guilty. And that's a big motivator in my life. Also, I'm a people pleaser. It would be a tragedy to me if the bartender I'll never see again hated me.

LeBron James and Tiger Woods, however, are another story. Like me, they're not fans of tipping. But unlike me, they don't do it.


The Miami New Times compiled a list of the 10 worst celebrity tippers, and the two millionaire athletes made the top five. LeBron took number four, and Tiger nabbed number one. (Hey, at least he's winning at something -- hiiii-ooooo!) Let's take a look at what earned these dudes their spots.

LeBron James. Apparently, the Heat player once made a Cleveland steak house stay open until 4 in the morning so he could finish his bountiful feast. The bill wound up being $800, his tip $10.

Tiger Woods. It isn't one isolated incident that labeled Tiger a really bad tipper, as much as it is just his lifestyle. The golfer is notoriously cheap. (Because he "never carries cash.") Supposedly, when Tiger was dating a girl in Las Vegas, she always had to pay when they went out. Also, there's a story about how Tiger once took a tip meant for a cocktail waitress back after he realized he'd already tipped her.

I don't even know what to say here. There really is no excuse for these guys' tipping etiquette. I said it before and I'll say it again: I don't like tipping. But that's because I'm not rolling in it like a professional athlete! If I was, I'd be tipping my co-workers when I left the office at the end of the night. Just cause I could.

LeBron, Tiger, this behavior is disgusting. And I'm sorry to be the one to tell you: Bartenders across the world hate you both. Try sleeping soundly tonight now.

What are your thoughts on tipping?


Image via familymwr/david_shankbone/Flickr

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