A $99 HP TouchPad Is a Complete Waste of Money

HP TouchPadOne measly day after HP's announcement that they're discontinuing webOS phones and tablets, their 16GB TouchPad has been tossed into the $99 bargain bins at your local BestBuy. Ouch! (The 32GB ones are going for $149.) If you want to snatch up this deal, act fast, because apparently they won't remain there long. The sale is expected to last only until August 22nd.

So, where did HP and their TouchPad go wrong? Well, for one, they were competing with Apple. Everybody knows you don't compete with Apple. And two, the hardware on which the device runs -- well, it pretty much sucks. Reviews of the tablet have called said hardware "clunky," "heavy and dated," and "not functional enough to serve as a Web app platform."

This, my friends, is why you never, EVER buy the cheap version!


In my experience -- and I have lots of experience buying things -- it's never worth it to skimp on a big ticket item. It actually winds up be a waste of money, because, eventually, you're just going to wind up buying the "good version" of whatever you originally bought. In this case, "good version" equals an iPad, or if you're a baller, an iPad2. Allow me to share a little story with you that I find to be pertinent.

Two months ago my husband was in need of a pair of shoes for work. The ones he'd been wearing were a couple years old and they were starting to look ratty and fall apart a bit. They were nice shoes, can't remember where he got them, but they lasted him almost two years. This may not seem long to many, but for my husband, it's good, because he's on his feet much of the day.

Anyway, so the two of us went to a mall in New Jersey in search of the perfect pair. The ones he really liked -- and I really liked -- were from Nordstrom, and they ran a little over $200. I know, a lot. He didn't want to spend the money on the Italian-made pair -- and neither did I -- but I figured it was a good investment, and encouraged him to buy them. I lost that battle.

Cut to us, a mere 60 days later, trolling around New York City in search of the expesive pair we saw at Nordstrom, because the $50 pair he bought fell apart. That's $50 we could have used on groceries or a subway pass.

So, the moral of the story here, kids, is don't waste your money on HP's TouchPad just because it's on sale. Save up a little and treat yourself to an iPad. Because iPad's never fall apart.

Do you always opt for the cheap version? Are you going to buy a TouchPad?


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