NCAA to Let Recruits Have Bagel Spreads -- Let the Bribery Begin!

bagelsThe NCAA's rules try to keep very close tabs on how schools recruit players. Try being the key word. There seem to be a lot of these regulations that are totally ridiculous and ineffective, and that's why the NCAA legislative council will consider 91 changes to them when it meets in January. Hallelujah ... I guess? At the very least, it might do away with legislation passed only TWO years ago (?!?!?) that prohibits schools from providing student-athletes with complimentary butter or jam packets to accompany any bagels, fruits, or nuts. (Before that, schools couldn't bribe kids with any food at all, save energy bars. Ha.)

But Proposal No. 2011-78 would finally make butter, peanut butter, jelly, and cream cheese a-okay ... maaaaybe by sometime next year. Totally. Freakin'. Crazy. As if this organization doesn't have bigger fish to fry, like, oh, I don't know ... the fact that some schools get away with bribing student athletes with cash, cars, hmm ... prostitutes! No joke!


Obviously, the NCAA's priorities are totally screwed up. When spending even seconds on inane minutiae like this, they come off like a complete and total laughingstock. I mean, even their campaign against Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher (for their supposed violation of recruiting rules) makes more sense than this shmear mishigas!

What they really need to do is go line-by-line through these garbage rules and uhm ... AXE them! Forever! Make a rule not to make up any more insane rules? Yeah, that would be good.

And hopefully, when they meet in January, there will be some serious, legit rules they'll amend, as well. Like one that would allow an institution to pay expenses for the entire team to be with a teammate after a death or life-threatening incident. Now, something like THAT seems worthwhile. But worrying about PB and J, as if that's going to somehow preempt bribery, is just completely out to lunch.

What do you think about the NCAA's crazy rules and attempts to change them?


Image via woodleywonderworks/Flickr

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