Tennis Player Who Spit on Court May as Well Have Peed (VIDEO)

no smoking or spitting signQuestion: How shouldn't you react after losing a grueling three-and-a-half-hour tennis match against Roger Federer? Answer: By hockin' a loog and spitting directly onto the court. Looks like Fernando Verdasco has a thing or two to learn about the game. And manners in general, for chrissake.

You can watch the disgusting YouTube video after the jump and decide what you think for yourself, but to me, spitting on the tennis court is the nastiest, most disrespectful thing Verdasco could have possibly done.


First of all, he was playing the number one tennis player in the world -- and he almost won. I understand that it was frustrating to have come so close, but how about a good ol' fashioned racket toss, or bouncing the ball really hard? (Or shaking Federer's hand?) I mean, spitting? It's a tad dramatic. And unbelievably disrespectful. It's not like the tennis court captured Verdasco, tied him up, and interrogated him about his country's secrets 24-style. It was merely there for him to lose on.

I was never an athlete myself, save for my brief stint on the JV softball team (worst week of my life), so I don't really get the extreme anger players sometimes feel the need to express after losing a game. In fact, to this pacifist, it kind of looks like an act.

It's like, we get it [insert angry athlete], you're all passionate and emotional about the game you just lost, and no one should dare talk to you afterward because you're sooooo devastated. But we all know it's only a matter of hours until your pain is quelled with booze and the lady of your choice. So cut the crap.

I've said it once and I'll say it again: Athletes need to get over themselves. They're not saving anyone's life, they're merely hitting a ball with a racket. It's supposed to be an enjoyable thing. Not a revolting one.

Check out the (super short) clip:

Sick, right?


Image via woodleywonderworks/Flickr

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