3 New Tech Words Just Made the Oxford English Dictionary Sexy

oxford english dictionaryThe Oxford English Dictionary is on a roll with adding tech-savvy words to its "concise" collection o' definitions. As you may know, "OMG," "LOL," and the heart symbol (how is that even a WORD?! I blame Prince!) were added a little while back. A travesty, I know. But the OED is all about keeping up with the times, and the times we live in just happen to include various blog-friendly terms Boomers and beyond may need to look up now and then. 

According to Angus Stevenson, editor of the latest edition of the OED, "These additions are just carrying on the tradition of a dictionary that has always sought to be progressive and up to date." I can respect that -- especially if the terms are ones that really are used in our everyday lexicon, in news, books, and real-life conversations.

So, pop quiz! Let's see if you can guess the "progressive" words the OED folks have welcomed with open arms ...


Which three of these geeky terms were just added to the Concise Oxford English Dictionary?

  1. Sexting
  2. Gchat
  3. Angry Birds
  4. App
  5. WTF
  6. Cyberbullying
  7. iPad 2
  8. Retweet
  9. Twit Head
  10. TTYL

Although you might glance at this list and think, "Oh, no, what has become of the English language?!" a few of them actually seem like legit additions to the dictionary. Thankfully, three of those are included in the newest group of OED terms.

So, without further ado, the correct answers are ... 




#1, #6, and #8! Yup! Sexting, cyberbullying, and retweet are now legit terms you can look up in a dictionary. And I'd say it's about time for these. They're not silly, lazy email acronyms. They're actual verbs (or nouns) that we hear on Anderson Cooper 360 or read in The New York Times. They deserve a formal place in the English language. So, good job, OED! Maybe the positive response to these terms will make them re-think adding idiotic, totally non-progressive ones (a la #5!) in the future.

What do you think about these three new dictionary terms? How'd you do on this quiz?


Image via David A. Cofrin Library/Flickr

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