Craziest Football Fan Ever Needs a Chill Pill (VIDEO)

Knox City Greyhounds fanIt seems like every high school football team has one of those rabid adult fans. You know the guy (or girl) who has perfect attendance, who screams the loudest, who doesn't even have any kids on the team. In my neck of the woods, we used to have a guy named Harry who actually drove his big pickup truck up to a spot on a hill behind the bleachers so he could see without having to actually get out of the vehicle. But even Harry had nothing on the Knox City Greyhounds fan who created the most insane "rile 'em up" speech ever. You know a guy who suggests the other team be annihilated and assassinated is not playing around.


The as yet unidentified man (come on Internet, we're counting on you) is the world's biggest high school football fan. And if you didn't guess he hails from Texas, shame on you. Everything's bigger in Texas. Especially the ... zeal. How else does one explain this:

Well, he certainly told them! Even if he did chop off the tippy top of his head, divalover159 (yes, that's his YouTube handle ... feel free to ruminate on that for awhile) made it pretty darn clear that he thinks the Knox City boys are top of the heap, kings of the hill, A number one, ya dig?

I love his passion, but I just don't ... get it? I mean, I was all about rooting for my high school team when I was IN high school. The guys went to states my senior year, and I was right there on the sidelines. Well, except for homecoming weekend -- I ditched to go visit colleges in Boston, sue me. But since I graduated, I can count on one finger the occasions when I showed up to a game without either a job to do (reporting on the game for the local paper) or a relative on the field. I'd say it's because my school ceased to exist after I graduated, so I'm left to root for the new merged district, but even the adults who go back week after week in my 'hood aren't this over the top.

Is there a stage where it's normal to give up the ghost on hometown football? Is this guy pretty standard for your area or the most insane you've ever seen?


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