Kris Humphries' Guest List Is Just as A-List as Kim Kardashian's

kris humphries kissing kim kardashianIf you thought Kris Humphries was just Kim Kardashian's little puppy, or a groom who would be content to let his bride dominate the guest list at their upcoming nuptials, think again! Kris's teammates, as in the entire New Jersey Nets basketball team, and his bosses (general manager Billy King and other members of the Nets' basketball operations department) will be in attendance on Saturday night. Yep, even though Kim had to axe 50 guests from the final list due to space issues, the team will be in attendance. They even jumped through hoops (ha) to make it happen, since the NBA is still dealing with a lockout that's supposed to keep players and owners from having contact. But the guys got special permission to attend the free agent forward's wedding.

Whew!! Now we can really rest assured the top-secret guest list isn't limited to a bazillion of Kim's "closest" Hollywood buds, the Kardashian-Jenner brood, and say, a few measly Humphries family members.


In fact, it seems there will be a TON of people on the Humphries' side of the aisle! Plus a whole who's who mix from both sports and entertainment. Nice.

Actually, it seems like Kris and Kim's vast social circles -- including both Hollywood elite and athletes from both coasts -- fit very well together. For instance, I'm sure Kris's soon-to-be bro-in-law, Lakers' player Lamar Odom, will know plenty of people in attendance. He may also have invited some of his own teammates. Geesh, come to think about it, this wedding could very easily turn into an NBA convention! Alright, maybe not quite. However, at the very least, I'm going to bet the lockout and NBA inner workings are going to be a hot topic of convo among a LOT of the guests.

And that's cool. But hopefully, they keep it to a minimum. It's sweet that Kris is gonna have all this NBA support on the big day, but the focus really should be on his and Kim's "I do"s.

Do you think Kris and Kim's social circles mesh well?


Image via Jason Merritt/Getty

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