Kim Kardashian's Wedding Hinges on This

kim kardashianI bet this word never comes to mind when you think of Kim Kardashian's wedding: Technology. You're probably thinking more about her Vera Wang dress, her Christian Louboutin shoes, and her Jessica Simpson hair. (Just kidding -- Kim would never rock a J.Simps "Hair Do.") But believe it or not, technology actually is playing a big part in the reality star's upcoming nuptials. Don't believe me? Um, have you heard where she's getting married?


Although the specific location is still being speculated (those Kardashians know how to keep the media on their toes), tabloids and legitimate news sources alike have it narrowed down to one of two places in Montecito, California: Sotto Il Monte, the $29 million estate of venture capitalist Frank Caufield (who serves on the board of corporations like AOL, VeriFone, and Time Warner), or at the home of Google chairman Eric Schmidt, which sits just next door. Both venues deep with techie roots.

And then there's the mere fact that Kim is a reality star -- a job that is entwined with the web. Sure, the network that broadcasts Keeping Up With the Kardashians, E!, gives her plenty of publicity, but the bodacious babe wouldn't be half as famous as she is if it weren't for the trusty Internet. (Come to think of it, didn't her "career" actually start online with a certain leaked sex tape?) She gives interviews online, hangs out with bloggers (sadly, not this one), and Tweets like a maniac. I'm sure the Twittersphere will all but break down the day of her wedding (this Saturday!) from people -- including the Kardashians themselves -- tweeting about it.

So, now do you smell what I'm steppin' in? Now do you believe me that technology is all over Kim and Kris's wedding like white on Vera Wang? It's our country's royal wedding, and it's thoroughly modern.

Are you excited for Kim Kardashian's wedding?

Image via E!

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