The Annoying Conversations I'd Tune Out With New Celebrity Muting Gadget

Could you happily live out the rest of your life without hearing another word about Kim Kardashian's wedding? How about Kate Middleton, could you use a little break from breathless reports on what she wore lately? If overexposed celebrities seem to be invading your television, you'll love "The Enough Already" DIY creation from Matt Richardson of MAKE, who built a device that mutes his TV whenever an unwanted phrase (i.e., "Lindsay Lohan" or "Michele Bachmann") is mentioned.

Basically, the program scans a show's closed caption track and mutes the TV every time it comes across a word or phrase you tell it to ignore. It unmutes after 30 seconds (as long as the phrase isn't mentioned again), so you can totally avoid any hype you're not interested in.

Check it out in action:


Cool idea, although I could see this being even more useful for television if it were on the lookout for phrases you were interested in.

What I'd like is a version of the device that works online and in the real world. For instance, I'm pretty sure I'd find the Internet a lot more enjoyable if I never saw the words "lactivist" or "boob Nazi" again. No good has ever come of a conversation that uses these terms, because no matter how positive the original intent, it always descends into a screeching match between women who turn into knife-fighting monkeys when they're behind a computer screen.

Really, there are plenty of topics of discussion I'd like to simply turn off, both online and in real life. No, I don't want to talk about circumcision. No, I don't want to talk about the historical accuracy of The Help. No, I don't want to talk about
whatever fake relationship is currently happening on The Bachelor, SAHMs-vs-WAHMs, cloth-vs-disposable, and whether or not Bert and Ernie should get married in the name of gay rights. I'm not saying these subjects shouldn't be available to everyone else, I'm just saying that I, personally, would LOVE to mute that shit.

Or ... better yet, can you imagine how nice it would be to simply filter out anything you didn't want to hear from your KIDS? Like when they clap eyes on some plastic piece of junk in Walgreens and fire up their beg-hole to try and grind you down into Purchase Submission? Or when you tell them it's bedtime and they immediately launch themselves into whine mode? You could mute words like "please" and "but" and "WHY?" Mouths would keep moving, but all we'd hear would be sweet, sweet silence. Ahhhhhh.

In conclusion, "The Enough Already" is a pretty cool invention, but I think it's a bit limited in scope. Let's think outside the box!

What sorts of words would you mute in your life, if you could?

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