Video Game Makes Cancer Victims Forget Their Pain

playing video gamesVideo games aren't always the best idea. They rot kids' brains, they make them lazy, and they generally encourage anti-social, anti-friendly behavior. But once in a while, a really great one comes along that helps teens who have been diagnosed with cancer. Enter Funky Nurse.

Funky Nurse is a video game that's been designed by Miniclip and Teenage Cancer Trust, and the goal is to "turn a difficult subject into a fun and fresh experience." In it, the player takes on the role of a nurse in a cancer care unit and has to manage patients’ happiness by bringing them to entertainment rooms, keeping them well-fed, and providing good medical care while searching for hospital upgrades. The game was developed with input from three former teen cancer patients.

Promoting a wonderful teenage charity through a video game? Yes, please!


See, according to the Teenage Cancer Trust, most teens who are diagnosed with cancer wind up being placed in kids’ or elderly wards, leaving them feeling, understandably, isolated. The Trust builds special wards in hospitals in order to provide a friendly, effective area for teens to get better together. I mean, is your heart melting right now? How sweet and amazing is this? And Funky Nurse promotes this charity to the more than 65 million monthly players on the gaming site Miniclip! Doubly amazing!

I never thought I'd live to see the day. A gaming site and a video game doing something good for the world instead of just sucking the life out of it. I tip my Urban Outfitters fedora to these guys, and I hope other gaming sites -- and video games in general -- will follow suit.

Whodda thought? Video games can be good for kids!

How awesome is this game?


Image via Marco Arment/Flickr

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