Warning: Google App for Catalog Shopping Could Be Dangerous (VIDEO)

google catalogue

I don't really online shop. Aside from the fact that I like trying clothes on before buying them, after spending most of my day on the computer, I'd much rather actually do the deed in person. But this new Google Catalog App for the iPad (coming soon to Android) may just change that. Actually, I 100 percent guarantee it will.

The app enables users to page through all the latest catalogs in loads of categories -- from Anthropologie and Bloomingdale's to L.L.Bean and Williams-Sonoma. It's a shopping heaven, right at your fingertips. And sure, it's cool to look at all the pretty colors -- but the fact that you can then touch an eensy little price tag and buy the items right then and there? Well that's just effin' brilliant.

Things I have: An iPad, a credit card, and more than an hour-long commute home. I am now worried for my mental health and the stability of my bank account. Let's take a closer look at what the app has to offer, shall we?


Okay. All joking aside, I'm actually pretty excited for the newest app from Google. I'm just going to have to use a little bit of self-control. Here's a screen grab from the latest Williams-Sonoma catalog:

google catalog

Aren't those colors gorgeous? I can almost taste the sweet flavors of watermelon just by looking at the table of contents. Here's another from the Ralph Lauren Rugby Catalog:

So many little price tags, so little time. Using the navigation bar at the bottom, users can simply drag their finger from page to page to see what the various catalogs have to offer. 

Seems to me like they're on the verge of something great here. What company wouldn't want their inventory compiled through Google Catalog? Not only are they driving additional business to their e-commerce websites, they're doing it in a way that's visually appealing and helps the consumer get rid of those unnecessary subscriptions.

The best part? Besides the inevitable new swag, Google is helping us get rid of the excess and, in the process, go green! Two birds, one stone. I don't know about you, but those pesky catalogs usually just end up untouched in our bathroom magazine rack. I'm alllll for de-cluttering wherever I can. I'm loving this more every second. Take a closer look-see at how Google Catalog works, here:

Are you as stoked about Google Catalog as I am?


Images via Google Catalog

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