Let’s Call ‘Cut’ on Shaquille O’Neal’s Directing Career

shaquille o'nealSome people just don't know how to relax. Take Shaquille O'Neal for example. The dude just retired in June after 19 long seasons in the the NBA, and he's already on to something new. And said new thing is a really terrible idea.

He's decided to become the next Guido Contini. Or, if that reference is lost on some of you, he's decided to direct. Like, movies. Even after that dreadful dalliance he had with Hollywood called Kazaam.


Apparently, the basketball star is about to complete the Filmmaking Conservatory at the New York Film Academy's branch in Universal Studios Hollywood. The New York Film Academy is that school with those terribly annoying commercials with director Brett Ratner. Unrelated.

Supposedly, Shaq is actually quite adorable at the school. He's been described as "incredibly humble, funny, and likable" since he's been there. Classic Shaq. But what I'm wondering is: WHY THE HELL CAN'T HE JUST ENJOY HIS BAJILLIONS OF DOLLARS?!!!

I mean, Shaq is one of those rich people who's, like, rich. He doesn't just have a lot of cash, he's got mind-boggling wealth. Mansions, cars, showers that spout Cristal. He finally has nothing to do, why doesn't he just sit back and, well, be a disgustingly rich dude?

That's what I'd do if I were him. Then again there are few things in life more annoying to me than those Brett Ratner commercials.

See for yourself:

Do you think Shaq should just kick back and enjoy what life has to offer? Do you find this commercial horribly irritating?


Image via Bob Bekian/Flickr

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