Photo of Tom Brady's Son in the Buff Crosses the Line

Tom BradyThere's no question that what a Boston sports blogger did last week -- posting a naked picture of Tom Brady's toddler son -- was entirely inappropriate. The blogger, Dave Portnoy, was right to take the pictures off his website Barstool Sports (after state police came to his door and asked nicely). But the picture isn't really the bad thing here, it's what he said about the child's private parts that sent a large portion of the Boston sports community phoning the law -- Portnoy called attention to little Ben Brady's "big penis" (although he used another word) and giving it a crude headline like this: "Check Out the Howitzer on Brady's Kid."

What a dick. But Dave Portnoy is not a sicko (to the best of my knowledge based on the information at hand).


Here's what he said:

Just swinging low like a boss. That's what MVP QB's do. They impregnate chicks and give birth to big dicked kids.

In making those comments, he was attempting to be snide about the boy's father. It's a sports blog after all, not a kiddie porn site. So Howard Stern's accusation this morning when Portnoy was a guest on his show is ludicrous and makes this an issue about sex and porn when it's really anything but.

Portnoy is a lot of things from what we can gather from this -- clueless, dumb, crude. But his intent was not to sexualize this child, it was to be funny and clever, and it failed miserably. It's a description and a comment that any one of those stupid jocks from high school who thought they were gods would say as they hung around being lazy asses and contributing nothing to society. I am pretty sure I would not like Dave Portnoy if I met him in person, but I would not think him a pervert.

Another thing that I'm pretty certain Portnoy is not -- a parent. If he is, then I feel really sorry for his kid. Because I would have gone ballistic if I learned someone had taken or posted a picture of my naked toddler, even with kinder commentary. Surely if he were a father himself, he would have never even considered it.

Part of me is torn that Gisele, knowing who she is and that everyone is constantly taking pictures of her and her family, would allow her son to be naked on the beach in Costa Rica. Children that young go naked all the time on beaches, especially in resort communities, and no one bats an eye. But the fact is Ben Brady has the right to enjoy the freedoms and innocence of childhood just like any other less famous child, and the media has a responsibility to respect that boundary and grant him that.

Let Dave Portnoy serve as the example of really bad judgment going forward, and let's stop trying to feed the perverts by turning a picture of a sweet little boy enjoying the seashore into something more sordid.

Would you ever allow your toddler to be naked on a public beach?

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