Kobe Bryant Fouls Big Time in Church

kobe bryantKobe Bryant is kind of an a-hole. There, I said it. I've tried to like the Laker, really, I have, but he just won't quit doing things that are, well, completely and totally unlikable. His latest stunt? Injuring a man in church. You know, God's house.

Bryant was attending church at St. Therese in Carmel, California on Sunday when he thought he noticed someone taking his photo with a cellphone. He allegedly grabbed the phone out of the man's hands, realized there weren't any photos of him, and left the church, leaving the guy with an injured wrist.

Geez, Kobe, looks like someone might benefit from a full dose of church.


Who gets violent in the middle of a place like church? This is on par with the full-on brawl between Joe Giudice and Joe Gorga at Baby Gorga's christening. In other words, it's inappropriate as hell.

If the guy was taking photos of Bryant, it's messed up. I'll give Bryant that. But, really, who cares if a couple of photos of Bryant taking in the Word of God were out there in the world? I mean, seriously, it would do the basketball player some good. His reputation isn't exactly squeaky clean.

Some people just aren't church material, though. Like Kobe Bryant, I'd put myself into this category. Beliefs and morals aside, I've never been able to make it through an entire mass without letting my mind wander to what I'm going to eat for dinner, or bursting into a fit of suppressed laughter with my younger sister. Unlike Kobe Bryant, though, I don't assault people while I'm there. So God understands.

Do you think Kobe Bryant is in need of some church healing?


Image via WDPG share/Flickr

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