New 'Just for Kids' Tab on Netflix Site Makes Family Movie Night a Cinch

Trying to pick a family movie just got a bit easier. Netflix has just announced a "Just for Kids" tab on their website that allows kids and parents to scroll through lists of children's titles quickly and easily using simple icon-based navigation.


If your Netflix queue is like ours, it probably looks like a cross between pre-school movie hour and hard-core action and romantic comedy theater. This new button, available only on the Netflix website for now, removes all the "adult" movies from the list, leaving Dora, SpongeBob, and Ferb up top.

It also includes two ways to browse: a character-based "icon" list of popular figures and then a list of recommended titles based on topics like "Family," "Girls Power," and "Storybooks." Little ones can pick their favorite characters while older kids can browse titles.

The site is designed for kids 12 and under. It uses ratings and reviews from Common Sense Media to ensure that they won't slip an episode of The Wire in between Shaun the Sheep and Bob the Builder.

"Kids discover and categorize movies and TV shows differently than adults," says Netflix VP of Product Innovation Todd Yellin. "Just as we have revolutionized the way people find the movies and shows they want to watch when and how they want to, we're making it easier for kids and parents alike to have the best possible Netflix experience."

The "Just for Kids" tab will soon also be available for the Wii, iPad, Xbox, and other devices. Now all they need are a "Just for Moms" section as well as a "Just for Dads When Mom Is Out With the Girls and the Kids Are Ostensibly Asleep" category.

Would you use the Netflix "Just for Kids" tab to choose family movies?


Image via Netflix

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