Back to School Apps All Moms Will Want

apps for momsIt's back to school time and you know what that means: lots of time for mom to get to know her smartphone and gadgets again. Put those great apps to use by mixing some actual useful ones in with the time-wasters, and you'll have the best excuse to be attached to your tablet. Whether you're improving your life or navigating after-school activities, there's an app for that.

Here are five great apps every mom should have in her back pocket.


Simply Being - $0.99

Moms need to chill, it's totally true. A relaxed mom is ready to go when the bell rings and always up for soccer practice. While we'd all love to meditate with a guru in the hills, we don't seem to have that kind of time nor access. The likelihood of mom taking 15 minutes for herself will drastically increase if the reminder is right there on the iPhone/iPad/Droid.

best apps for momsFBI Child ID App - Free

Having all of your kids' info on hand is a smart idea, no matter how much we hope we never have to use it. This app via the FBI has the added option to send a recent photo and information to them directly, as well as to call 911 immediately. Re-take a photo of your child every time you head out to a crowded spot so you also have a photo of what they're wearing that day for added security.

best apps for momsHopStop - Free

Whether you take the subway in New York or navigate traffic on the mean streets of Cleveland, HopStop is your friend. Helping you get to your destination by foot, train, or car, HopStop knows what your GPS does not; namely, when there's a road blockage or train re-route. Don't fret about being that parent who is always late for drop-off ever again.

best apps for momsSpotify - Free with invitation

Let's face it, you're not browsing the records stores for the latest tunes anymore. But if you want to stream whatever song you want, when you want -- and you want to do it for free -- you'd better sign up for Spotify. Of course you have to get on the invitation request list to get the hottest music source to hit the states since iTunes. Add the app to your gadget and take all the music you want with you on the road, and feel like a "cool" mom while educating your kids on the finer points of hip-hop.

best apps for momsIncrediBooth - $0.99

Not your standard photo application, IncrediBooth amps things up a bit by turning your iPhone into an old-fashioned photo booth. Liven up a dreary bar mitzvah or entertain the other parents during the silent auction for the mathletes travel team by busting out this app. Just don't be surprised when you're asked to contribute photos to the yearbook.

What's your favorite mom app?

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