NFL Player Seriously Drops the Ball at Obama Meeting

barack obamaBeing irresponsible never pays. Living proof? Desmond Bishop, linebacker for the Green Bay Packers.

Last week, as a reward for winning the Super Bowl this year, the Packers were treated to a meet and greet at the White House with none other than Barack Obama. Not a bad gift, huh? All the players were pumped to be introduced to the President, as it was surely a moment they'll never forget for the rest of their lives.

All the players, except for Desmond Bishop, that is. See, he wasn't allowed to meet Obama because he forgot to bring his ID!


To be fair, it's not like Bishop traveled all the way to Washington, D.C. sans identification, he just forgot it on the team charter flight.

Still, though ... what a dingbat! Who does that when they're about to meet the President of the United States?! Bishop should have had his license, his passport, and a letter from his third grade teacher snugly tucked away in one of those secretive fanny packs Americans wear when they go to Europe. You don't leave your ID on a plane when that kind of meeting is in your near future! People would kill for that kind of meeting! Ugh!

To be perfectly honest, though, Desmond's careless ways could actually wind up working in Green Bay's favor. After the rest of the team came out, high on Barack Obama, Desmond was probably seething like John Boehner after he found out his office wasn't equipped with a tanning bed. It's probably now going to serve as motivation to win again next year, so he can finally meet the Prez.

Might be a lose-win for Desmond, but it's certainly a win-win for the rest of the (responsible) players.

What do you think of Desmond Bishop forgetting his ID when he went to meet the President?


Image via Image Editor/Flickr

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