Military Mom Gets Surprise of Her Life at Baseball Game (VIDEO)

Homecoming soldierMinor League baseball has always carried a family-friendly reputation. They'll stop a game to let kids run on the field. They throw hot dogs into the stands. They let the wacky mascots steal the players' thunder. But the team that allowed an Army Major who just came home from Afghanistan take over the entire first pitch ceremony to surprise his wife takes that reputation seriously.


The Mississippi Braves -- or M-Braves as they're known down in Pearl, Mississippi -- rigged its Friday night game against the Carolina Mudcats so Darla Harlow would be chosen "at random" to throw out the first pitch. Only she wasn't throwing to just any catcher. It was her husband, Army Major Michael Harlow, dressed in an official Braves uniform and fresh off a nine-month stint in Afghanistan.

No offense to United States presidents or Major League alumni, but this one should go down in the history books as the BEST FIRST PITCH EVER. Harlow apparently picked this game because it was near the home of his wife and daughters Casey and Molly Carol, and the whole family loves the M-Braves, but it's more than appropriate. A Braves game to welcome home a brave soldier? Classic.

Add in the mere fact that the team did this, plus that the fans in Trustmark Park were cheering, and we get a nice reminder that there are still places and people out there who care as much about families as they do the almighty dollar. We go to Major League games to see our heroes play a good game. We go to Minor League games for a look-see at the teams' prospects but also because the cheap tickets make it possible to bring the kids (sorry, honey, not paying Yankee Stadium prices for you to whine that you want to go home before we even hit the seventh inning stretch because you're booooooored) and the environment is made for them.

As long as the Minor Leagues continue celebrating the beauty of family moments, they'll keep packing them in. Check out Major Harlow's homecoming and tell us what your favorite Minor League team is:

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