You and Your BlackBerry Are Living in the Past

blackberry bold 990Techies, get excited! The newest from BlackBerry hits the shelves today, the BlackBerry Bold 9900. It totes the newest operating system, is the thinnest Berry EVER, and is super shiny. Sounds pretty cool, right?

Eh, I'm not that enthused. In our iEra, does anyone actually buy a new BlackBerry anymore? I'll admit it: I used to be an uber fan of my BlackBerry Curve. I slept next to it and never left home without it. I suppose you could say that I had a slight addiction. But all that changed when my contract expired, I switched to the iPhone, and now I can never go back.


I'm not gonna lie: I loved my BlackBerry because it enabled my inner stalker. I could see when people received -- and then read -- my text messages. Truthfully, that put me at ease. If not for the sheer knowledge that the person on the other side was still breathing, it helped me hold it against him if said person (ahem, significant other) didn't get back to me. Call me weird. I call it caring. That wonderful capability is not on the iPhone. BlackBerry - 1. iPhone - 0.

But that's just about where the BlackBerry victories end. Yes, this new device is the "best" BlackBerry there is. It's only 10.5 mm thick and has HD video recording, loads of storage, and all the other classic components my treasured device did.

And while I thought I couldn't live without an actual little keyboard, I was typing up a touchscreen storm within weeks. I thought I'd despise not knowing when people received my messages, but I've survived and even feel more relaxed! When I was head-over-heels in love with my BlackBerry, I didn't think I needed anything else. But now, looking back, I realize I just didn't know any better. My new phone's 100 times faster. It loads Internet sites in four seconds instead of two minutes. Since getting it, I've never had someone tell me they didn't get my message, or a problem hearing the person on the other end. I couldn't even count the number of times that happened with my BlackBerry. But alas, I still loved it.

Even with the new exciting stuff that the BlackBerry Bold 9900 has to offer, the critics also wonder why anyone would pick that over other more advanced gadgets, like my new squeeze, the iPhone, or any of the Android headsets. And while I understand what it's like to worship a BlackBerry and want to stay true to the object of your affection, I'd say head for the (upgrade) hills while you can. Trust me, you'll never turn back.

Do you have a cellphone you can't live without?


Image via BlackBerry

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