Tweeter Who Spilled Juicy Magazine Elevator Secrets Should Quit

shhhAfter all these years, magazine publishing company Conde Nast still manages to remain intriguing to those of us "on the outside." Perhaps it's because of Anna Wintour and that infamous Meryl Streep movie she inspired. Or maybe it's simply because of the general elitist vibe they can't help but give off. Whatever the reason, we admit it, we're a scosh fascinated.

And so are a lot of other people. A Twitter account, @CondeElevator, was created about a week ago, and already boasts almost 60,000 followers. The account is dedicated to things overheard in the publishing house's elevators. My personal favorite? "I'm sorry you're in the hospital, but I really need those photos." Amazing.

Anyway, the account, which was obviously started by someone who works at Conde Nast, was recently shut down. By the person who started it. Because he or she came to their God-forsaken senses.


In today's digital world, everyone is hoping their Twitter, or Tumblr, or random blog will become the next big thing. And a few actually do. There are tons of cookbooks, fashion books, and even TV shows that have been inspired by things originally created online. But the important thing to remember is -- that's probably not going to happen to you, and an attempt at such a thing isn't worth your paying job.

Look, if you're one of those people who hates -- I mean, hates -- your job, have at it. What have you got to lose? The worst that will happen is you get the axe and sit on your ass all day watching reruns of Intervention while collecting checks from the government. (What debt crisis?) But if you like your job -- or even just need the money -- writing things about them online isn't a good move. I'm sure you're a lovely, smart, interesting person, but odds of your lovely, smart, interesting idea that's at the expense of your company being turned into a three-picture deal at Sony are kind of slim.

If you're categorically convinced that you're sitting on an unbelievable idea, and it involves bashing your place of work online, do yourself a favor: Tuck that idea in the back of your head and revisit it when you're at a different job. This way, when if it fails, your ass is covered.

Have you ever bashed your job online?


Image via Lisa Padilla/Flickr

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