Reggie Bush's Kim Kardashian Obsession Is Bad News for the Dolphins

reggie bushI can't figure out what tickles my fancy more, Ron Artest's unparalleled love for Celine Dion, or Reggie Bush's desperate attempts to get ex Kim Kardashian to call off her wedding to Kris Humphries. I love softie athletes.

I think I'm going to have to go with Bush, though. Because the football player's old school romantic efforts to stop the voluptuous reality star's upcoming nuptials (via text message) the same time the NFL lockout officially ended have left me wondering one thing: Shouldn't he be focusing more on football?


Apparently, the Miami Dolphins player has been sending Kim a barrage of text messages, calling her a secret nickname he had for her while they were dating, as well as leaving her a slew of voicemails. The message in the texts and voicemails is the same: He thinks she's making a mistake; he believes she's the one for him; he wants her to call it off. Kim, who has no plans to call off her wedding, is only getting annoyed by her ex.

Reggie, sweetie, honey, here's a little word of advice: Get over it, dude! You look like a fool. Kim has clearly moved on. She's planning what she's referred to as the "Royal Wedding 2." You had your chance and blew it. Stop getting in touch with her, ditch the girlfriends who look exactly like her, and concentrate on football. You've got a much better shot at winning with that.

Also, Bush's relationship with the Dolphins is relatively new. He was only traded to Miami in late July after playing the first four seasons of his career with the New Orleans Saints. What I'm trying to say is, he could be pissing them off with his off-field antics, which have become fodder for tabloids, and his apparent lack of focus.

Perhaps once the wedding is over, and Kim is officially Mrs. Humphries, Reggie will resign himself to the fact that it really is over. Then again, maybe he'll just get worse. Because clearly he's a man who fixates on what he can't have.

Do you think Reggie should just give up already?

Image via David Livingston/Getty

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