Dodgers Usher Swiping Foul Ball From Kid Isn't Funny (VIDEO)

kid foul ball swiped by usher dodgersAt the Phillies-Dodgers game on Wednesday, an adorable little boy retrieved a foul ball during the sixth inning. The game cams caught him jumping up and down, obviously completely blissed-out that he nabbed the ball. But then ... dun dun DAHHHH ... in the same shot, you see him sit down and his ball is taken away by a Dodgers usher. And he reaches back behind his seat trying to get it back. Noooooo! So sad! That night, all hell broke loose on the Internet! Understandable, because people wanted to know why the heck they would do such a thing to the joyous little boy?

As it turns out, the Dodgers org is saying today that it was a joke. Spokesman Josh Rawitch said, "It was all in good fun. Unfortunately, the video cuts away too quickly. Within seconds of him taking it away, he walked right back and gave it to him. Everyone ended up happy and smiling." In other words, "Don't hate on us, fans! We didn't ACTUALLY break this little boy's heart. We just pretended to!" 


Ha ha, very funny. (Note the sarcasm.) Maybe it's just not my sense of humor, but I really still feel bad for the little boy. His heart had to have sunk into his stomach when that usher took the ball away. I've never been one for the bait and switch "just kidding!" gag. I think it's cruel.

That said, it's good to know the boy got to keep the ball he caught fair and square. Furthermore, it was pretty smart of the Dodgers to clear the air on this one, because otherwise, I have a feeling there would be plenty of baseball fans knocking down their stadium door, demanding to know why that usher destroyed a little boy's dream come true!

Here's the video of the incident:

What do you think about the "joke" the usher played on the kid?

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