Superhero Dad Catches Foul Ball Without Dropping Baby (VIDEO)

daddy catches foul ball holding child cubs gameMost incidents where a fan has gone after a foul ball this summer have ended in tragedy or at least a lot of eye-rolling and forehead-smacking. So, thank goodness for a Cubs fan who managed to catch a foul ball and lots of admiring looks last night. (Yeah, we Cubs fans are pretty awesome, if I may say so myself!)

Here's how it went down. In the top of the fourth at Wrigley Field in Chicago, the Washington Nationals' infielder Michael Morse hit a foul ball into the upper deck on the first base side. Then, while holding his infant in his right arm, the Cubs fan reached out with his left, and just ... grabbed it! Or at least that's how it seems from the video ...


Check it out:

Obviously the fan didn't have to lean dangerously over other people or railings. He didn't hand off his child to his wife in the heat of the moment to go after the ball. Hopefully he didn't even have to really lean too much, because the ball just happened to really be headed right AT him and his child. Thus, the whole incident made for a very secure baby and a heroic daddy!

This is how IT IS DONE, folks!

I also love this, because for once, a fan catching a foul ball at Wrigley is being CELEBRATED instead of loathed (oh, Steve Bartman, sigh). Gotta love how even the announcers were all about it. "Give that man a contract!" Ha. At the very least, he should get the Most Awesome Cubbie Dad Award. 

What do you think about this catch?


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