App That Helps You Pretend You're Famous Is a Joke

fan mail app itunesWe all know ordinary people who are never sufficiently satisfied with the occasional "like" on a Facebook status update, retweet of their (likely not exactly pithy) thoughts on Twitter, or the badges they've earned on Foursquare. They seem to crave additional acknowledgement that they're as awesome and as loved as social media rock stars like Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber all ... the .. damn ... time. But thankfully, a brand new iPhone app has hit the market for these people. It's called Fan Mail, and although what it does sounds totally creepy and crazy, I have a sneaking suspicion it is totally going to fill a void in some fame-whorish folks' lives.

See, for 99 cents, you can share your name and occupation with the app, and it'll fill up an entire inbox with "heartfelt (sounding) messages" from virtual "fans" that say things like "I am your BIGGEST fan!" or "Just want to send you a note to let you know YOU ROCK!" or "Autograph?"


Sad. Very, very, sad. I know.

This takes the social media stroking of egomaniacs to an extreme. But that aside, I get that it feels good to be complimented, or given the occasional "push notification" pat on the back. But wouldn't most people -- short of a hermit or someone who is so unlikable they don't have real people in their lives to send them words of encouragement over the web (cough like Newt Gingrich? cough) -- want to get those messages from ACTUAL admirers? It strikes me as particularly strange that the app developers believe people want to receive feel-good messages from ... NOBODY. I don't know about you, but completely empty remarks from a robot about how great I am would make me feel worse about myself. 

As badly as it wants to be, this app is just not cool. You know what IS? Sending selfless love to others out into the universe, and then seeing if karma brings it back. Example: I actually did email a co-worker last night with the subject line, "YOU ROCK!" I wanted to tell her I totally dug a couple of posts she had written. She deserves to hear it. And I wasn't looking for fan mail in return; I just wanted to share the love. If that's what this megalomaniacal app thinks it's doing, it's sorely mistaken.

What do you think about the Fan Mail app? Would you use it?


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